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Hi, I’m Jessica Dragan

Experience the freedom of retirement with my expertly crafted business transition—your wellness legacy deserves a transformative journey.



  • I acquired a family believe it or not!  My sweatheart has 2 kids, the daughter looks so much like me, she could easily have been my daughter.  His son is 16 with down syndrome and he is the perfect kid for me!

  • I love a game of golf, the ball doesn't go far but it does go straight!

  • I have 2 fluffy cats that I adore a little more everyday.

  • I hated my hometown so much I joined the Army to get out.  I love Milwaukee now!

  • I learned how to salsa dance in Korea

  • I think most businesses are genius!


  • I’m determined and driven.

  • I have turned companies profitable, including one from scratch.

  • I really enjoy loopholes and creativity.

  • I acquired meetup groups recently

  • I have a self diagnosed condition which is "I never do enough syndrome".  I think it is common amoung women.

  • If I can connect you with anyone that is appropriate from my circle, I will.


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Business Transitionist

I offer a fresh set of eyes for your business to set you up for success - Business Transitionist | Creative Financing Consultant | Investor | Mentor | Army Veteran | Acquisitions | Growth Strategist | Business & Investor Matchmaker


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Jessica Dragan is absolutely fantastic to work with. She is kind, patient, warm, nurturing and encouraging which goes a long way. She's a great listener and is able to ask all the right questions to arrive at solutions quickly. I greatly benefited from working with Jessica and I highly recommend her services to anyone who's sick & tired of being sick and tired.

Rajiv Jadhav

Jessica and I have known each other for almost a year. I’ve come to know her as focused, detailed, and genuine in her connection with others. Jessica has helped me find and analyze deals, and with each, she proves thorough in her view yet remains mindful of the bigger picture. She also remains aware of the level of expertise of her clients, doesn’t presume too much, and yet allows the other person to save face while slowly going through the details. Jessica has helped outline clear, quantifiable, and actionable steps along with me. And she’s a fantastic friend. I’m a better person for having worked with her.

Brian Delrosario


Business Transitionist

Creative Financing Consultant

Business Buiilder

Private Equity Investor


Reimagine your future in wellness by gracefully passing the torch of ownership—a tailored transition awaits to redefine your business legacy, contact me below.

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